Styles by Doniel | A Twist on Preppy Chic!
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A Twist on Preppy Chic!

A Twist on Preppy Chic!

Ladies, let’s face it.  Most of us probably feel most comfortable in jeans.  We likely own more of them than any other article of clothing in our closet!  I happen to love a great pair of jeans and i’d wear them every day if i could.
What do you do when you want the comfort of jeans but you don’t want to look too dressed-down or casual? My solution – dress them up with a nice, billowy blouse, an eye-catching pair of shoes, and a statement bag!
That’s all you need to up the ante and look like you’re ready for whatever the day brings.  It’s one of my most frequent go-to looks and that’s because it always works!

Hope you enjoy today’s post and are inspired to step outside of our your fashion comfort zone! Until next time,


Photos by Nona Photography


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