Styles by Doniel | Athletic-Inspired Fashion – Take Two!
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Athletic-Inspired Fashion – Take Two!

So, in one of my earlier posts last month, you know that i’m all for integrating “athletic” apparel into the everyday wardrobe and my goal is to find pieces that make that transition very seamless. This cardigan by Autumn Cashmere brings the entire look together.  You can wear it as a jacket over a tank or a sweater -it’s lightweight enough to be very versatile.  I’ve paired this simple look with high waist, skinny jeans, and grey pumps.  Grab your nearest stylish handbag and you’re ready to go!  I purchased this cashmere jacket/sweater from Nordstrom a few months ago and every retailer i searched on line who carried it in stock, it’s completely sold out! However, don’t fret, there are other baseball jackets available out there.  I also purchased this very cute Varsity “New Yorker” Baseball jacket from Mango for only $60.  Click here if you’re interested!


  • Pat/ 04.07.2015Reply

    Cute, lovin jeans n pumps!

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