Styles by Doniel | Fendi Poncho
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Fendi Poncho

Fendi Poncho

What’s a great alternative to a heavy winter coat when it’s not too cold outside?
A trendy Poncho! Poncho’s are fashionable, versatile, and perfect for layering. I own a few but none as fabulous as this iconic-logo Fendi!
Fendi was so popular back in the day and I LOVE they’re re-emergence back into the limelight! From handbags to clothing to accessories, they’ve got
their pulse on what’s HOT!  I’m lovin’ it 🙂 Happy Stylin!
Photos by Nona Photography

  • Patricia/ 18.02.2019Reply

    Omggggg. Girl I’m loving that Ponch and of course that handbag. Looking great as usual Sis.

  • stylemyadmin/ 23.02.2019Reply

    Thanks Sis!

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