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Lovin’ the Skin I’m In!

I can honestly say, at the ripe old age of (Ha! Wouldn’t you like to know?), I’m finally comfortable with my physical appearance.  Gone are the days when I obsessed over my weight/size, the length of my hair, the complexion and imperfections of my skin, the frailness of my legs. At this point, it is what it is and I am who I am!  And as I approach yet another “milestone” next month (Virgos ROCK!), I’m so happy that I’m mature enough to celebrate the non-physical attributes that are more important (and even more beautiful) than the outward appearance.  God has blessed me with a wicked sense of humor, a generous heart, a discerning spirit, and the ability to be compassionate toward others. It’s taken me many years to arrive at this place but i’m so happy I’m here….I’m very conscious of the image i project because i know at all times, someone is watching.  And the two most important people watching me happen to be my beautiful daughters.  In today’s society, the image of “beauty” has become so distorted and disfigured, it’s hard for young girls to know where they fit in.  The pressure to conform to society’s standards is overwhelming and all-consuming.  Therefore, THE most important tool for a young woman to have in her arsenal (to hold on to her truth and to overcome the pressure) is CONFIDENCE….Make no mistake about it, I would trade it all just to have (and hold on to) Confidence…

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  • Regina/ 18.08.2015Reply

    Well said cousin.

  • Michele/ 18.08.2015Reply

    Wait til you get my age…it is even more liberating!!!!!

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