Styles by Doniel | No Kids Allowed!!!
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No Kids Allowed!!!


“Date Night for the Suttons!”

Ok…This is actually not a current pic but one that I took in March before my husband and I attended a charity event sponsored by Andersen Elementary DEANs.  I’d like to think I look like this all the time (Americas Next Top Model On Fleek!), but so not true!  Hair and Make-up professionally done the day of, and i’m LOVING my Ted Baker ensemble.  I’m all about patterns, upon patterns, upon patterns!  Most people thought this was a dress but it’s actually a sweater paired with a full skirt!  Werk!  Two snaps!

  • Kimberlyn/ 26.05.2015Reply

    The Belle of the Ball! Stunningly gorgeous. What I like most about this piece is the fact it’s 2 pieces, which is so now!!! The shoes just add the right touch to allow the dress to speak for itself.

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