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Paisley Printed!

My baby at 3 months old!

My baby at 3 months old!

Birthday girl! Go Leilah, it's your birthday!

Birthday girl! Go Leilah, it’s your birthday!

Chicken fried rice spelled out to say “I LOVE YOU”!

It’s my daughter’s 11th birthday and we’re off to her favorite restaurant – Benihana!  I must admit, they do a great job of providing great food and entertainment for all ages! We had a ball…Now on to my wardrobe for the evening…

Remember when Paisley use to be the “in” thing?  Think it may have been WAY back in the late 80’s or early 90’s…There’s something about a paisley pattern that immediately attracts you…some can be very busy while others have just the right amount of color to make a beautiful statement. However, you have to be very careful because a paisley pattern can sometimes be overdone!  This beautiful top by Ted Baker is paisley on the front side but solid on the back – which I LOVE! I have nearly a dozen colored skinny jeans in my closet so this pair of Aqua by J Brand picks up the blue undertones in the paisley print.  Perfect summer time wardrobe! Check out my “Retail Therapy” page if you’re interested in either of these pieces!  Have a great day people!


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