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Show a Little Love for Tuesday!

Show a Little Love for Tuesday!

Tuesday is probably the least recognized day of the week, don’t you think?  Think about it, on Monday – most people look forward to starting their week and it’s usually the day on which new beginnings occur such as starting a new job as an example.  Wednesday – has it’s own alias – many refer to it as “Hump Day”, meant to imply that you’re halfway through the week, almost over the hump!  Thursday – well, let’s face it, Thursday is when many people begin to think about and make plans for the weekend, might partake in a happy hour or two and it’s the best night of the week to watch Television (IMHO).  Friday – needs no explanation – TGIF!  And who doesn’t love their weekends between Saturday & Sunday!  Well, in this week’s post, I’m paying homage to the least recognized and appreciated day of the week – TUESDAY – by sporting my ‘Day of the Week’ colorblock sweater by Alberta Ferretti. Who knew that Purple and Green could look so amazing paired together? Hope you enjoy today’s post and enjoy your next Tuesday!

Photos by Nona Photography

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