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This Old Thing

This time of year, I take a lot of pride in surveying my closet and finding those special items i intend to donate to charity or gift to a family member in need. I don’t know about you, but i find nothing wrong in giving or receiving slightly used items, especially if they are well-kept, of good quality and in great condition. I grew up wearing “hand-me-downs” from my sisters and i carry that tradition with my own daughters – constantly reminding them, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!!!” And as long as you invest in quality pieces, they will last much longer than you expect!

While i’m in the midst of purging my closet, I find these berry-colored, slim-cut pants by Diane Von Furstenberg with a sleeveless top to match. Purchased over 2 years ago, I’m reminded of why i loved this monochromatic look – the color is EVERYTHING! And it looks brand new! The star of the ensemble is a brand new fabulous pair of Christian Louboutin pumps – the “Dorissama” in a unique multicolor pattern. Yaaaasssss! I love old things that still look new šŸ™‚

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