Styles by Doniel | Versatility is the name of the game
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Versatility is the name of the game

Versatile = adaptable, flexible, agile, resourceful…this is a quality i try to embody at all times whether in professional settings or my personal life.  It’s ok to change it up every now and again – go with your instincts, follow your heart, trust your gut! Don’t be afraid to try new things, including what you choose to wear.  As we mature, it’s expected that our tastes and preferences will change, hopefully in a way that conveys to those around us that we’re growing into the person we were destined to be.

What i’m wearing:  Ted Baker Blouse, J Brand Skinnies, Valentino Rockstud ballet flats (so comfortable), Chanel cross-body chain bag.  Photos by Ty Pentecost Photography


  • Regina/ 21.09.2015Reply

    Love the look!

  • Pat/ 24.09.2015Reply

    Love those shoes!!

  • Priyanka/ 25.09.2015Reply

    Love the bag and the shoes!!!

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