Styles by Doniel | Where Would I Be Without My Accessories?!?
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Where Would I Be Without My Accessories?!?

Seriously, I love a great dress, nice fitting jeans, beautiful blouses but what really “makes” a look (IMO) are the accessories!  A handbag, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, hat, scarf, belt – all of these things make a statement, accentuate, complement and bring to life whatever you’re wearing and it’s easy to overdo it so proceed with caution my fashionista friends!  In these pics,  I’m wearing pretty casual clothes but it’s the accessories that make the look more fashionable and stylish!  Bag by Chanel, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Shoes by Aquazzura, Hat by Nordstrom.  Check out some of these and other fashionable finds on my Retail Therapy page!


  • Regina/ 26.07.2015Reply

    I too love accessories. Your outfit can be simple, but the shoes, handbag, and jewelry make someone take notice….

  • Ava/ 08.08.2015Reply

    Mom it Ava I love you and you are so beautiful

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