Styles by Doniel | From Bra-blems to Bra-bliss!
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From Bra-blems to Bra-bliss!

From Bra-blems to Bra-bliss!

Hello Fashionistas!  I’d like to talk to you about a topic that’s very personal to me (and likely very personal to you) – BRAS!  It took me years of bad habits and lack of knowledge to appreciate the importance of wearing the right bra.  Learning how to buy the right size for your body, how to care for them (for long lasting wear), and then finding the right one for certain outfits – it’s actually more science than art!  Here’s a glimpse into my own personal journey.  As many of my readers can see, I’m what you’d call a “top heavy” or “full-figured” woman as far as bust size goes.  And for many years, I just assumed that since I was well endowed, I should be wearing larger size bras therefore I’d purchase bras that were 36C or higher.  It wasn’t until I was shopping for my wedding gown (and complimentary undergarments) that I was properly measured and to my surprise, I discovered my real bra size was actually 34 DD!  WHAT!  How could I have been wearing the wrong size all these years and not know?  Well, ever since then, I’ve committed myself to getting re-sized every year so that i’ll know exactly what my measurements are so I can invest in the best bras for my body.  Sadly, given my cup size, designers usually don’t make the “cute” bras in my size therefore I’ve learned to be creative (when necessary) to achieve the look I want, without sacrificing the support I need.  For ex, did you know you can have a bra or just bra cups sewn into your clothing?  Oh Yes, I’ve done this in order to wear a backless gown and it worked wonderfully!  A great seamstress can get you right!

While I’m far from being considered a Bra expert, I’ve learned a few tricks along the way that can be helpful to many of you – regardless of your size!  I’ve also discovered an amazing underwear brand, Thirdlove , and their mission is to help all women find that perfect fitting bra. They offer cute, stylish options as well as that classic under the t-shirt bra.  Thirdlove has kindly put together an information sheet on common BraBlems and how to fix them.  Check out their fabulous bras here!

Also, Thirdlove is offering a 15% discount to all of my readers on their first order – please use the promo code TLBBOCT16!   Thanks for reading!




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