Styles by Doniel | National Handbag Day!
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National Handbag Day!





How did I personally honor National Handbag Day? I took a few snapshots of my favorite brands and styles to share with you!  Check ’em out!


Chloe “Marcie” Tote & Cross body Bag – I have this one in my collection!  

download (5)

Chanel – Need I say more!  Every woman deserves to have one in her closet!

Stella McCartney – Unique fabric and I love the chain lining!

Celine – LOVE this Brand!  And their “mini” totes are so cute and stylish!

Alexander McQueen – Bold and Edgy! The Burgundy-lined Leopard Clutch is Gorge!

Valentino – This is next on my list! Gotta have one!

Gucci – One can never go wrong with Gucci – any style, always on point!

And what’s my personal favorite – Chanel, of course!

So, who knew this really was a nationally observed holiday?  Ok, perhaps i’m exaggerating a bit and “Handbag Day” doesn’t measure up to Christopher Columbus discovering America but still, this is MY kind of holiday and i’m glad someone is finally recognizing handbags are a treasure to be celebrated! (Here are a few facts:  National Handbag Day was created by and is observed annually on October 10th!) While I never need a reason to spend any hard-earned cash on a brand new bag, I must admit, I smile inside at least knowing one day out the year, I have a very valid excuse to splurge on the latest handbag designer I’ve been coveting for months!  Only downside, my husband is now claiming there is a National Watch Day and he’s planning to celebrate also?!? #nicetry #neverheardofit

In honor of my great friends and family who have been following my weekly posts, i wanted to showcase some of their FABULOUS handbag selections – which as we all know, expose a bit of our personalities too!  I love them all and I LOVE their bags!!!

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