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Queen Bee….

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy getting dressed everyday.  What I choose to wear often reflects what kind of mood I’m in.  When I opt for bold and bright colors, that usually means I’m feeling really good and happy.  The ensemble i’m wearing is from Intermix.  Do you guys shop Intermix?  I absolutely love this retailer for many reasons, but above all, it’s because they carry a variety of brands, not just one to choose from.  This is right down my alley! BTW – they have a great sale happening right now so please visit IntermixOnline to see what you might find! I purchased this A.L.C Striped Top & Matching Striped Pencil Skirt on-line a few weeks ago when they were cutting prices massively. Paid less than $200 for both pieces now how’s that for a sale! #shewon.  Tip:  I pretty much alter everything I purchase in order for the fit to look right on my body.  This skirt was a few sizes larger than my normal size (but it was on sale), so I bought it anyway and paid $15 with my local tailor to have it custom fit just for me!   My shoes are by Saint Laurent and handbag is Alexander McQueen.  Another high-low fashion success!!!  Check out my body chains…more to come on that in a later post!  Two snaps!


  • Roz/ 01.07.2015Reply

    Love, love, love the body chains! This accessory has not yet made it to the QC, Queen Bee!

  • Michelle Combs/ 01.07.2015Reply

    Alright now. Absolutely love everything. Get Queen B.

  • Kimberlyn/ 02.07.2015Reply

    Yes! Yes! Honey bunny!!! Love the bold yellow shoes and handbag!

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