Styles by Doniel | Who’s Your Style Inspiration?
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Who’s Your Style Inspiration?

I’m constantly thinking about fashion and there are so many people who influence my sense of style – too many to count!  I’m always admiring women who I think set a new bar when it comes to looking and feeling your best and OWNing your look.  Two of my personal favorite style Divas are Rachel Roy & Olivia Palermo.  Why, you may ask?  Well, here are just a few reasons why these women are phenomenal fashionistas!!

1) They DON’T follow trends…they ARE trend setters!

2) They take risks with patterns, colors, fabrics …constantly pushing boundaries and defying the norm…Rachel Roy was the first designer (that I recall) who made color-blocking look cool and easy to replicate!

3) Neither are prone to exposing a lot of skin (which is very important to me).  I’m far from being a prude but I believe sexiness can’t be fabricated with clothes!  

4) Dressed to the nines or ultra-casual – their look is ALWAYS on point!  They NEVER look like they’re trying too hard!

5) Walking evidence that as long as your accessory game is tight (shoes, handbags, jewelry) everything else falls into place!

6) Gotta love anyone who can make a Peasant dress look fabulous! LOL!

7) They both give FACE in front of the camera! YASSSS! Werk!! Two Snaps!!

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