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Leather Tales in Fashion – Volume 2

By now, you all know leather is back in season – especially if you happen to live in a cold weather climate.  I can’t wait to put my collection of leather back in rotation, so be on the lookout for more outfit ideas as the weather in SoCal starts to cool off!  As with any classic style of clothing, designers are introducing even more features that make a classic staple, such as a typical leather skirt, a fabulous piece of art. That’s how i feel about this leather green pleated “midi” skirt by Tibi.  The most wonderful thing about this skirt is the color – green, as you know, is my favorite.  While the length adds an element of subtle modesty, the flared pleat design makes this skirt a true statement piece!  Paired with my favorite Grey T, teal Christian Louboutin pumps, and the cross-over body Chanel bag – I’m ready for a night out! #Leather

  • D/ 25.10.2015Reply

    Love this look!

    • Geraldine/ 31.03.2016Reply

      Articles like this really grease the shafts of kneodelgw.

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