Styles by Doniel | Seasons of Fall Fashion
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Seasons of Fall Fashion

So, it seems Mother Nature can’t make up her mind if she’s ready to transition to fall or remain in the throws of summer. One minute I’m wearing my shorts and tank top and doing everything possible to stay cool, but then the very next minute i’m trying to find the nearest jacket to keep me warm because i’m freezing!  As much as i look forward to the warm weather in SoCal, i also look forward to the fall season to welcome a change in climate.  A nice chill in the air reminds me that my favorite time of year is approaching!  And with that change in season comes a change in style.  C’mon fall…..i’m waiting on you!!!!

What I’m wearing:  Vivienne Westwood “Kung Fu” trousers, Green vest by #CurrentElliott,  Bag by #Balenciaga, Shoes by #CLB.

  • Michelle Combs/ 28.09.2015Reply

    I always look forward to seeing your blog. I just smile. Always fabulous.

  • Doniel Sutton/ 28.09.2015Reply

    Thanks cuz!

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