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Timeless Pieces…

Ladies (or Gents if you’re reading) – don’t you love it when you find something in your closet that you had forgotten about, literally, but then rediscover why you purchased it in the first place?  This is how I feel about this navy blue Diane Von Furstenberg jumpsuit. This one piece is so slick – zips on the side, buttons in the back, high waisted belt, side tuxedo stripe, back pockets, flair leg –  all of my favorite details!  And to think ..it’s been in the back of my closet collecting dust for almost a year and a half.  Glad I rediscovered this beautiful piece so it can be put back into heavy rotation!  In this picture, it’s paired with a Barbara Bui zip chain tote and my lovely Geo-Spike-Point Toe CLBs! Photos by TyPentecost Photography.  #fashionmadesimple


  • Pat/ 06.08.2015Reply

    Girl you wearing the HELL out that jumpsuit, and those shoes & handbag…
    Ok girl, all I can say about those posses are, watch out Jerry! lol:)
    Nice Doniel.

  • Tyrenda/ 05.08.2015Reply

    You look so adorable, I love that jumpsuit!

  • Leilah/ 05.08.2015Reply

    mom this is leilah and i wanted to tell u that u are a beautiful model and i want to be just like u

    • Pat/ 06.08.2015Reply

      Awww how nice, Priceless!!

  • Michelle Combs/ 05.08.2015Reply

    I love love love it.

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