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Party with a Purpose!

Alan Thicke – still looks and sounds the same!  Ladies – Robin was nowhere in sight!

The Howard’s & The Sutton’s – need i say more?

J & T

Les Garland – Co-Founder of MTV & VH-1 – nice man w/great stories!  PS. I’m rocking my black leather skirt and black crop top! #Fierceness!

Not sure exactly what you call these kind of performers but let’s just say this woman worked magic with 3 hula-hoops at once!

So, I know you’re wondering what in the world was I doing hanging out with the likes of Alan Thicke, Terrence Howard and several celebrity notables this past weekend.  No, i wasn’t auditioning to play the part of “Boo-Boo Kitty” in the next season of Empire (although you never know what’s possible)!  No, we weren’t filming a new reality TV show (although again, you never know what’s possible)!  Turns out, what brought us all together was an event focused on giving back and being charitable to others.  Jerry and I were fortunate to be invited to the 2015 SPIN (Serving People In Need) dinner & auction that occurred this weekend at one of our favorite restaurants here in Orange County, Anqi. Now, I’ve attended quite a few charity events but most of them are a bit dull and full of people I generally don’t have a ton in common with so i’ll spend most of my evening watching the clock and waiting to go home.  But, this one was so different!  The setting and ambiance was beautiful – the restaurant (which is already a hip and happening place) was completely transformed into a scene out of a movie. The table settings, lighting, food and fun atmosphere was amazing.  Everyone looked like they were genuinely enjoying themselves while at the same time, supporting such a worthy cause.  

Thanks to the kindness of a really sweet family friend,  we were seated next to Terrence Howard (and his lovely wife Mira), Les Garland, Alan Thicke, Terri Nunn (remember her, she sang the song “Take my Breath Away” from Top Gun!!) and a few other entertaining folks.  And we felt right at home. There were no airs, no attitudes, no phoniness ….just real people bonding over things we share in common. And for the first time in a long time, I wasn’t focused on watching the clock!

SPIN is a great organization and I encourage you to check it out! #TheLatestSPIN.  BTW – there’s still time to bid for a rare walk-on guest appearance on Empire!  Go to for more details on this item and others up for auction!!! #freeluciouslyon


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