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The Zodiac & Diane Von Furstenberg

In honor of September being my birthday month, I thought I would highlight a few of the “Virgo” character traits which are also reflected in my personal style.  Diligent, hardworking, hyper-critical (particularly of themselves), loyal, analytical, and detailed – check, check, check, check, check and CHECK!  Virgos are also creatures of habit and prefer predictability and organization over spontaneity- Yep, that’s me! As it relates to fashion, I  tend to gravitate to what i know looks good on me – whether it’s a color, designer, style of clothing – once i know a certain style works,  I’m hooked for life – or at least until i can no longer wear it 🙂  If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that i love jumpsuits!  Something about them makes me feel sleek, polished and stylish – Virgos need to feel that everything is in order and there’s nothing that makes me feel more polished and ready to take on my day than a nicely tailored, effortless look. 

We value quality over quantity and pride ourselves in taking good care of anything we value, love or possess.  You’ll usually find our closets are well organized, sometimes by color, and this gives us a feeling of being in control (over the one thing that is controllable in our lives!)

Finally, we enjoy being an inspiration to others.  We like to listen, but more importantly, we’re prone to action therefore we’re always in problem-solving-mode, which sometimes is an issue for our friends and loved ones who really just want us to listen – and nothing else!

Jumpsuit by Diane Von Furstenberg.


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    Very stylish! Love it.

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